Prime School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts (PSHCA) is an independent educational body, centered on developing skilled hospitality leaders to serve the national and global hospitality industry. At Prime we are totally dedicated to giving our students access to the very best professional curriculums.

We provide relevant tools and techniques for you to undertake our professional courses in Hospitality and Culinary Arts.

Prime’s overall vision and value proposition for Ghana is focused on developing future hospitality and culinary art experts who possess positive attitudes, sufficient skills, professionalism, other embedded work values and the ability to lead in a multicultural workplace.

At Prime, students will be engaged in intensive practical training, theoretical education and cultural enrichment. We aim to build and foster a global learning environment that inspires and encourages the willingness to learn and understand any course being offered.

Prime is ready to develop you into a hospitality and culinary arts expert. Our emphasis on positive attitudinal training will give you the skill to be employed in every part of the world.

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